Price to join: $1500/Month 1250/Month + 20% profit share of any profit above $1250 in the month


How our full service system works:

1. We gain access to your store, ad account and Facebook page

2. We add pioneer products to your store, prep them for testing, test them and scale them.

3. You handle fulfillment and customer service, let us grow your business!

What's Included:

  • 6-8 hand picked by Noah pioneer products per month (Worth a lot on its own) **We only give one product at a time. We stop giving products once a winner is found and just focus on the main winner**
  • Having your ads managed by Noah's highly trained ad buyers & sometimes Noah himself
  • As needed communication & support from Noah's ad buyer & manager
  • ​Sit back, let us test for your and when a winner is found let us scale for you!

Costs & Budgeting

Included: $1250/Month Management Fee

Not Included: $70 PER PRODUCT TESTED for advertising costs

Not Included: $25 per video per product (used in the ads)

Sign up below, you will be redirected to a page with our Skype username. Please add us quickly after to get set up as fast as possible!

This is an automatic billing every 30 days. If you would like to cancel the billing, you must tell me via skype 3 days before your billing period. If you forget to tell me and I have to refund you, it will be subject to a $100 fee
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$1250/Month + 20% profit share
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