Done For You Ad Management with the Pioneer Method
Let us hand you untapped products, and
manage & grow your ads
Noah is constantly putting together a list of untapped products, this service will open the door to have products from Noah's hand picked product list, and have our team manage the ads for you.
We give you the product, and test it out for you! 
Here are the 3 packages.
Ad Management:

1. Get handed a product

Get handed a product hand picked by Noah to start testing. With this service you are allowed 6-8 products per month. These are untapped products, or products that Noah personally thinks are worth testing again.

2. Prepare the Product for Testing

We give you an in depth course on how to prepare the products. Build the store, make the product page and get a video made.

3. Let us Test it & Scale when a Winner is Found

Simply send the product back with everything prepared, and we handle 100% of the ad management. Sleep tight knowing that your ads are being ran by people that know exactly what they are doing
Price: $850/Month + 20% Profit Share
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Full Service Management:

1. Join program and onboard your account manager

This is the step where everything gets squared away. We get added to your ad account, Facebook page and store so that we can do our work. This is pretty much the bulk of the work done by you with this package until a winner is found!

2. We add the product to your store, prep it for testing and test the product. All done for you.

We will test 6-8 products per month for you. We add the product, get it ready for testing. Then we test it, decide if its a winner or not. If it isn't a winner we will turn it off and start on the next product. if it is a winner, continue to step 3!

3. You fulfill orders & set up customer service

Scaling will be done for you. You just need to make sure that orders get shipped out and customers stay happy! We will provide an agent upon request once a winner is found and hiring out customer service is very simple to do! We will help you with every aspect of the business.
Price: $1,500/Month + 20% Profit Share
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HyperDrive Management:
Test double the amount of products in the same amount of time! This is an accelerated Full Management package. 
Price: $2,500/Month + 20% Profit Share
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Instructions For Getting Started
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Message From Noah

This  is the best possible service if you:

Are a beginner and want to do things the right way from the start.

Want to skip the confusing path of learning what good products to test, how to test them and how to scale them. Just let us do it for you!

Want to skip the tedious task of searching for products all of the time.

I made this service, because for years I have been teaching these methods to people, getting my students to a total revenue generated of over $5 million. I never thought about "What if we just did it for them" rather than going through the trouble of teaching every single person, until now.

Also, how freaking cool is it that you can get hand picked products from someone that has had hundreds of winners in this space. Its like having the same experience as me, except its getting handed to you and im doing the work to get the products for you.

I have hired someone, to hire VA's to push mass amounts of product research. I have someone who goes through the VA product lists to choose out what they like. Then I go through what the selector chose out. It takes about 8 hours of a VA's time, 30 minutes of my selectors time, and about 10 minutes of my own time just to get ONE good pioneer product. I built this system for you!


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